modern east end edge at salt drift farm

We are so excited to share this amazing collaboration of Long Island vendors organized by Kristin Buonaiuto, Event Designer and Wedding Planner of Eventful Days by Kris Marie, in collaboration with Jessica Leigh Paperie. Being located on the East End, we love all of the detail and thought that went into this shoot. Sixpence approved!

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August 15th, 2018

Day Of Coordinator and the importance of having one!

A Wedding Day Coordinator is a valuable asset to have for soon-to- wed couples. Even if a venue has a coordinator on roll, that person would work for the venue and not the couple. Unlike venue coordinators, a Day-of Coordinator works with the couple throughout the time when things are the most hectic, leading to a stress free wedding day.

Still confused whether you should invest the extra money in a Day-of coordinator?

Do you really want to invest all your time, efforts and money organizing a long anticipated wedding and then not enjoy it? If you expect to be both the bride and the organizer at your wedding, then odds are you will be too tired and stressed out to enjoy your big day. You might have a pretty good idea of how the wedding looks like in your head, but as the day approaches, it’s hard to cover everything!

A Day-of coordinator helps organize all aspects of your wedding so that you may sit back & relax knowing that there is someone to take all the worries away. They guarantee that every detail in the preparation of your wedding has been thought of and thoughtfully executed. When you have a coordinator on site, like myself, we do it all! I’ll start working on your wedding at least one month prior to the date and formulate a timeline for everyone to follow, so that the day unfolds without a glitch. Next, I would coordinate all aspects between vendors, and assemble their input on the start times and whether they would need anything. This forms a team bond and a positive professional relationship, assuring that the wedding day flow/timeline is smooth and stress-free.

During the planning process prior to the wedding day, I’ll go over everything that the couple has already proposed. On the actual wedding day, all the tasks are in my hands- from setting up the small, unique details to managing the timeline. I work closely with your Maitre D’& photographer, making sure immediate family are where they should be for pictures, doling out vendor tips/payments & answering all questions so you can be on the dance floor enjoying your night!

This also means I am going to be there from the beginning till the end of the Wedding. I will be there to fix any problem that may arise. The aim is to provide you the peace of mind so that you are able to enjoy the wedding and actually be a guest at it.

Think of us as your support system, the point of contact who will handle it all!


November 22nd, 2017